Top 3 things to keep your photography business in focus

You're an artist.

A visual storyteller.

You're a photographer.

And to make a career out of your passion, some business savvy is required.

If running a business sounds too much like work, it doesn't have to, let us simplify it for you by focusing on the the top 3 things to keep your photography business running smoothly.

#1 Clients 

Every business needs customers.

A photography business is a local business.

Google loves local businesses.  The #1 way for a photography business to get clients is Google AdWords.

People are literally searching for you in your area and if you're not advertising on Google you need to.  Forget SEO and the dodgy practices to get your site ranked high only to drop off the radar when Google changes their search algorithm.

Setup an AdWords account and get your phone ringing.  There are tons of great tips to optimize your campaign, one is to setup a Google for Business page and get your address verified.  Then link it to your Adwords account for a bigger ad.  Bigger ad = more clicks.  More clicks = more customers.  It's that simple.

Find an Adwords expert to set it up for you because there are lots of ways to waste money and it's best to get advice.

#2 Copyright

Be clear up front in your terms and statements of work who owns the copyright to your work.

Clients will often copy your work illegally if the terms are not clear.

 Grab a simple, attorney drafted copyright agreement from entrepreneur sites on the web or docstoc.  Upload it to a free e-signature software app and e-mail it to your clients for sign-off.

Taking the time to be professional and risk averse can really pay off.

#3 Insurance

Every business needs insurance because every successful business gets sued eventually.

The USA is the most litigious country in the world and when shooting events like weddings etc. you get one chance at quality work and if something goes wrong you'll have unhappy clients on your hands.

Get a basic policy to cover liability and protect your photography business.

Use Adwords to get your phone ringing & land customers. Be clear about who owns the final work in a simple contract that you can send and sign online.  Lastly, protect your business with a basic business liability insurance policy.


Using initials when e-signing a document

We at Agree'nSign get lots of customers asking for an initials placeholder to drop on a document when preparing it for electronic signature.  Our answer has been to use the "TEXT" widget instead.  We'll probably add an INITIALS widget at some point but for now less is more!

Use the Text Widget for Initials

Agree'nSign Custom Branding

Upload your company logo & color scheme to give signers a consistent, branded experience when they esign documents from your business.  Sign up and try Agree'nSign simple electronic signature software today. 

Share a Reusable Document

If you can create a hyperlink, then you can share an Agree'nSign re-usable document on your website.

Create a simple hyperlink to the re-useable document you'd like to share via your site like this...

Replace the "XYZ" with the reference number of the re-usable document. (Use the "nofollow" attribute so search engines won't crawl the link!)

You can get the reference number of the re-usable document from the address bar as if you were sending it for signature.

Here's a sample HR form we're hosting on this blog as a demonstration.  Try the Sample HR Form