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Sign Documents Online

Sign Docs Online?  What's that supposed to mean?

It means it's time to adopt a better way of signing and executing agreements.  It also means get rid of your fax machine and have some fun doing it.

Seriously, I started Agree'n Sign because signing contracts, agreements, SOWs, etc. was becoming a hassle.  So we're making it easier.

Here's how to sign a document online using Agree 'n   Let's say someone emailed you an agreement to sign, and you don't want to fuss with printing, scanning or faxing.

Step 1 - Upload the document and specify yourself as the signer

Step 2 - Drag a signature placeholder on the document.

Step 3 - ESign the document. use your saved signature to really speed it up.

That's it!  You now have a legally bound document with your handwritten signature.  Pretty easy.